Honeywell C-Bus to BACnet Gateway CB-200

by Neopsis GmbH

Version 1.0

The gateway CB-200 allows a direct conversion between the Honeywell C-Bus and the BACnet protocols. The gateway exports the whole C-Bus as one BACnet device allowing all building automation systems supporting BACnet protocol cross-system integration of the Honeywell C-Bus.

Model CB-230

Model CB-240

CB-200 is the successor to the older CB-100 model. The CB-200 has a new C-Bus communication module that allows much faster responses. Neopsis distributed the first series of the CB-200 gateway as model CB-230 in all-metal boxes. Currently, the CB-230 is no longer manufactured, and the gateway is delivered as model CB-240. CB-240 is housed in a DIN rail-mounted case. Both models are fully compatible.

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