C-Bus Integration into Niagara

We extended the comprehensive Tridium Niagara driver package with a kit for the Honeywell C-Bus integration. This kit is the perfect solution for all users who are looking for an integration of the Honeywell Excel family controllers.

The driver is connected with the C-Bus using the piece of hardware called IEC converter. The microprocessor controlled IEC takes care of all low-level communication tasks. The native Niagara driver supports serial and TCP/IP based communication between a Niagara station and the IEC controller. The driver runs on all Niagara Framework based stations like a Jace or Supervisor and perfectly integrates into the Niagara Workbench. Seamless integration into the framework, device and point discovery and alarm integration lower the engineering costs, minimise the learning curve and provide an efficient way to integrate the C-Bus with other protocols supported by Niagara. The driver is available for both NiagaraAX and Niagara4 frameworks.

To enable our customers to leverage the Jace 8000 to integrate Honeywell C-Bus optimally, we have developed a special version of our intelligent external converter (IEC) optimised to connect to the Jace 8000. IECLite, as we call this hardware, has the same functionality as the in the meantime discontinued Jace option card. With Jace 8000, IECLite connects through the RS-485 serial line. You can share the 24V power supply with Jace8000.

Key features

  • Seamless integration into the Niagara Framework
  • Serial (RS-232 or RS-485) or TCP/IP based communication between the station and the IEC converter
  • Scalable solution, up to 3000 data points and 29 C-Bus devices per driver-network
  • Reading and writing of DDC data points. Supported are the following types: digital input, digital output, analog input, analog output, pseudo digital (virtual), pseudo analog (virtual), totalizer (slow and fast), pulse, multistate
  • Support for C-Bus speed up to 76 800 bps
  • Support for reading and writing of extended attributes
  • Compatibility with the Excel 5000 family (XL50,XL80, XL100, XL500, XL600, XL800 and Zone Manager)
  • Device and Point Discovery
  • Alarm and Journal Integration
  • Time Program editor for Daily, Weekly and Yearly (Daily Maintenance) Schedules
  • Parameters editor
  • Date/Time Synchronization

More information

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