C-Bus Integration with BACnet

Does your Building Automation System speak BACnet? Do you need to integrate Honeywell C-Bus? We have a solution for you - our C-Bus to BACnet gateway. The gateway provides direct translation between both protocols.

Our CB-200 Honeywell C-Bus to BACnet gateway allows the Honeywell EXCEL 5000® System integration into a BACnet/IP network. As a successor to the older CB-100 model, the CB-200 offers much faster data processing performance. The CB-200 gateway converts C-Bus data points into the BACnet point objects and transforms the C-Bus attributes into the BACnet properties. On the BACnet side, the whole C-Bus appears as one BACnet device. The CB-200 gateway monitors the C-Bus alarm events using the enrollment object and passes the alarms to the notification class recipients. The CB-200 gateway provides the web interface for the C-Bus Time Program editing. Device and point discovery allows the integration of sites where no detailed information about the C-Bus installation is available. Gateway commissioning is done via integrated web browser, you do not have to install any legacy management tools.

Key features

  • Powerfull hardware with 64-bit Cortex-A72 (ARM v8) processor, 1.5 GHz, 2GB RAM, 8GB eMMC
  • Support for BACnet/IP, protocol revision 19
  • Commissioning in web browser, no legacy installation tools required
  • The gateway configuration can be exported to a CSV/MS Excel file for external editing. This allows efficient work especially for mass configuration changes
  • Automatic configuration backup onto the built-in SD card
  • Scalable solution, up to 5000 data points and 29 C-Bus devices per gateway
  • Reading and writing of DDC data points. Supported are the following types: digital input, digital output, analog input, analog output, pseudo digital (virtual), pseudo analog (virtual), totalizer (slow and fast), pulse, multistate
  • Support for C-Bus speed up to 76800 bps
  • Support for reading and writing of extended attributes, attributes are mapped to BACnet properties
  • Compatibility with the Excel 5000 family (XL50,XL80, XL100, XL500, XL600, XL800 and Zone Manager)
  • Device and Point Discovery
  • Alarm notification class
  • BACnet BBMD and FDR support. Gateway can act as BBMD router and supports Foreign Device Registration
  • Time Program editor for Daily, Weekly and Yearly (Daily Maintenance) Schedules
  • Date/Time synchronization
  • Enables parallel operation with the Honeywell stations (EBI, SymmetrE, XBS, ...)
  • Option to publish point values in MQTT cloud. This is not primarily intended as a C-Bus/MQTT gateway, but rather to enable monitoring of critical data points on mobile devices where BACnet management system do not offer such an option.

More information

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