User Management

Access to the gateway is personalized. You need a username and password. All authenticated users have a role - either Administrator or Operator:

  • Administrator has access to all gateway functions, including user management.
  • Operator may only view and modify the schedules.

To manage the gateway users, open the left-side menu Users. The initial user is cbox. You can add any number of users. Their username must be unique. Additionally, in the User Management sheet, you can modify an existing user (e.g. change password) or delete an existing user. You cannot delete the user cbox.

Changing Password

If you want to change your password, you have more options on how to do it.

  1. To change the password of the currently logged in user, go to the menu Preferences -> Platform and click on the button Change Password.

  2. To change the password of any user, go to the menu Users, select the user in the table, update the password in the form and click on the button Save.