Hotswap for Niagara

Those of you who develop drivers for Niagara are familiar with the situation: to see the result of your change, after every minor change, you need to restart the station, or even Workbench if you debug views. Of course, there has been a solution for some time. It's JRebel, a tool that allows instant class code reloading without having to restart JVM. And for JRebel there is a Niagara plugin! So where is the problem? It is the price. JRebel pricing starts at $550.00 per year, per user, there is not a free version of JRebel, and JRebel does offer a free trial.

An alternative to JRebel is the open-source project Hotswapagent. Although the Hotswapagent does not offer all the features that JRebel has, I think it is enough for everyday work and offers significant time savings.

That's why I decided to write the Hotswapagent for Niagara. You can read more about Hotswapagent in the documentation. Hotswap agent software is free of charge. However, we do not guarantee full support. Please post your questions about Hotswapagent through our Forum to allow other users to share your findings!